Color Splash Photos

About the Photographers

For licensing requests, please contact Jai Johnson with the names of the photos you are interested in acquiring.

Jai Johnson - Photograher

Completely self-taught in the fields of art, illustration, and photography, Jai’s favorite subjects to portray as a photographer are are animals, including her five cats, two dogs, and two birds, along with others' pets, wildlife, and backyard birds. She also enjoys photographing flowers and still life objects, with a goal in all of her images to evoke a fond memory or pleasant emotion in the viewer.

Her first painting was published when she was only five years old and since then, Jai has explored varies areas of the art realm as well as obtained a degree in business and marketing from Freed-Hardeman University.

Today Jai’s
photographs and art have become collectors’ favorites for their originality, bright, bold colors and sense of aliveness. Own one of her works of art and it will add that extra-special something to a collection for many generations to come.

Jai lives with her family in Jackson, TN.

Also check out GalleryJai.Com, Jai's online gift shop featuring her art, photos, and designs on a wide variety of merchandise. Be sure to also check out Jai's Angels website, a collection of original angel paintings.

Allyson Johnson - Photographer

Seventeen year old Allyson has also become enamored with the camera and is an avid pet and animal photographer.  It all began when she tamed and raised three wild kittens, the subjects of many photos on this website and also in the Three Wild Kittens Calendar.  In 2010, she and her mother are also completing another cat calendar featuring the Tabby cat.

Allyson has an 'ease' about her which allows her to relate to the animals in a peaceful manner, and helps her capture their beauty in a variety of unique and interesting ways.  She also has an eye for taking photos with unusual perspectives, offering the viewer a new way of seeing something ordinary.

View Allyson's online gift shop featuring her photos and designs here.